Signature Spring Flowers Add the Perfect Seasonal Accent to Your Wedding!

Still deciding on what kind of flowers to have at your wedding? Check out these seasonal suggestions!

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Spring is the ultimate season for flowers and there are so many options to choose from to help plan the wedding you have always desired. Most spring time weddings consist of lots of flowers; they complete the look and create a great seasonal feel for you and your guests to enjoy!

Since it is hard to choose a theme and flowers to go along with it, we have put together some inspirational suggestions that can be quite helpful during your planning process. Flowers can get quite expensive, and if you’re going for a floral wedding, you will need a lot of them! So, we have suggested some flower ideas that will surely give you your money’s worth!  

Tulips are a beautiful spring time flower that makes for wonderful bouquets when pieced together properly. Choose a color to match your theme or put together a multi-colored bouquet for some more color. If you decide to go with the multi-color, try to stick with no more than three colors so it isn’t too over the top. Tulips will produce a nice soft touch to any detail in your wedding. You can use them as centerpiecea as well, making for a nice hint of spring as your guests eat, drink and mingle!

Who doesn’t love sunflowers?! Incorporating them into your special day will give your wedding a nice, seasonal feel and will also add a bright touch of color. Sunflowers are a great idea if you want to have a casual wedding with some pops of color here and there. The sunflowers bright yellow color along with a white wedding gown would make for some amazing photos! Another fun idea - stick some of the flowers in your hair or wear a floral crown filled with the tiny sunflowers to go perfectly with your veil.

If you’re interested in choosing a flower that has an extravagant bloom to it, hydrangeas are a wonderful choice. They will fill up the room with a refreshing scent and will look beautiful standing alone or in a bunch along with some other flowers. Choose whichever color goes along with your theme, popular hydrangea colors are white, light blue and purple. You can mix and match colors as well, putting a color you desire along with a white one to set it off perfectly!

Daisies give off a similar style as the sunflower, creating a bright and casual feel. These are a great choice for that subtle pop of color or you can use some Gerbera daisies for a more colorful evening. You can add daisies to the tables as centerpieces or you can decorate with daisy wreaths all around for an outdoor wedding!

Lilies are an elegant choice for a spring time wedding, they look absolutely gorgeous by themselves and in a bouquet with roses! Mix and match a bit for the perfect floral combination. A fun and lively color combo is orange and peach, perfect for the season and would look great against a beautiful white gown! If you’re interested in choosing colors that are a bit more darker and vivid, another popular color combo is purple and white. This is where the white roses come in, setting off your floral decor flawlessly!

We hope these stunning flower choices will help in making your day extra special and memorable. Choose a floral setting that you will be able to look back on and feel as great as you did that very day!

Have a floral idea for a spring wedding? Share with us by commenting below!