Lipstick at the table

Written by dating-singles  |  11. April 2009

Ok ladies, here is a question for you to answer. Dear Jay I recently went to dinner with a good female friend. We are just friends, but I k now she knows that I really want more. She is very friendly and feels comfortable around me and can sometimes be touchy feely (for example, my hair was standing up and she played with it to get it looking right). After dinner, she reapplied her lipstick and puckered up her lips. Was that any type of sign that maybe she wanted me to kiss her at some point? After dinner, we went for a walk and she grabbed my arm and we walked arm in arm for a while. Again, this was somewhat unusual behavior from the past. We always had a playful friendship, but it was always me who would have to put my arm around her. Once again, am I reading too much into this? Signed A clueless guy. Here are the responses that many of you shared. Dear Clueless, Wow, I can't believe that you're really that clueless! Of course she likes you! The more "touchy-feely" we women are with you guys, the more we are trying to "tell" you just how much we are "into you", especially if we apply lipstick right in front of you! Let me give you a tip....when she least expects it, grab her around the waist, pull her in very close, then go in for the kiss. Take her breath away!!! I believe she likes that you find her attractive- so she wants to look good. It stems from the attention you are giving her. I do not think it is a subtle hint that she wanted you to kiss her. I would say if she was delaying when you were saying good night to her, then yes, she might have wanted you to kiss her. I think she is comfortable with your friendship. I would put lipstick on in front of my friends- but on a date with someone I am interested in? No. I would have excused myself to go to the ladies room. It is not proper etiquette to apply lipstick at the table. She is not caring about the impression you have of her. So what do you think? Email me your comments at Info@WeekendDating.com

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