If you do 1 thing this weekend....

Written by lisingles  |  10. April 2003

Make it the Pub Crawl! That's right kids, Saturday April 12, 2003 in New York City, Down in the Village you too can be part of the best Pub Crawl of the year. Here's how it works... Registration takes place from 1pm til 6pm at the Red Lion Bar. Its $15 to get a cup (the size of a pint) and a Bracelet that lets you in to a series of bars. But if you're kind-hearted enough and bring 2 cans of food, you can pay only $10. Now once you've gotten your bracelet and your cup for the Lager you then proceed to different bars where they fill your cup for only $2. Thats right $2 drafts - as much as you can drink from 1pm til 9pm. Yes Kids...its amazing. And there will be about 5,000 people partaking in this gala event. And if you're not a big fan of beer they have $3 Bacardi Silver bottles for sale. Imagine, getting plastered with a bunch of strangers drinking beer out of plastic cups all day long - It might make you feel like you're at the Bawdy Barn! Now what happens if you don't like to drink or can't drink (like myself) You can still go and have a hella time. See the thing is for me, its not about the drinking. Its about hanging out with my friends, for a whole day, acting stupid, talking trash, getting into fights, making up, getting into more fights, people puking, people hooking up - and me the sober one being there the next day to tell them all what a bunch of idiots they were. I go more for comedic value than anything else. As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I've got some links now at the bottom of this page for some bars and bands that i've mentioned on this site previously. Please take the time to see if there is anything that could peak you interest. And if there is a site you think I should have posted, please let me know as well. I am always open to suggestions - speaking of which this is week 2 that no one - not one single person has made a nomination for Town of the Week. So i'll nominate huntington in honor of my friends birthday. Just take Rt. 110 north to Rt. 25A. Then all you have to do is find parking. Because its the center of the world on the weekend. That place is always hopping, and there is always a good time to be had. But if you're really stuck for cash and you have a headache - go check out Anger Management starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. It opens Friday (tomorrow). So if you really want to laugh go check this out. And if its sold out, and you still really really really want to laugh - go see Old School. Yes its vulgar, grotesque, and down right vile at times, but then again, so are most of the Bars and people in em! Happy Hunting!

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