Deciding on your wedding cake.

Written by pastries  |  10. April 2002

How important is your wedding? Most people think it is one of the most important days of your life. A union of two souls that were meant to be together forever, a celebration to last a lifetime. And what is most important in a wedding besides the bride? The finale',your cake. Choosing a cake can be one of the most stressful decisions you as a couple have to make. Well here are a few things to think about before deciding that might make it a little less stressful. First, is there a theme to your wedding that you would like to follow? Beach, spring, whimsical or winter as some examples. Lets use the beach theme for the moment. The cake can have colors of the beach, seashells, starfish, pearls and even sand (brown sugar). Second, do you want to use the colors of your wedding dress? The coating of the cake can match or compliment the colors that are in your dress, the brides maids dresses or the flowers that are in your bouquet. Third, the flowers on the cake can be fresh, live flowers or created from sugar to look the same as your bouquet, centerpieces or representative of your favorite species in or out of season. The coatings that are used on cakes also will give a certain look to your cake. Fondant, a smooth form fitting sugar based coating, can give a very formal appearance or be used to create a quilted appearance. Colored to any shade of any color, it can be used to create unique, bold and contemporary works of art. Buttercream, a smooth spreadable frosting, can be applied as a basket weave to create a country effect. It can also be used to create a simple formal look. When considering what type of coating to use on your cake, take into consideration the location of your reception. Indoors with air conditioning, outside in the summer when it can become very hot. Fresh whipped cream for example, will not hold up well in warm weather. Another consideration is the shape and height. Do you want a round cake? Or would a square or octagon shape be more suitable? Do you want two, three, four or five tiers? (I would not recommend more than five tiers) Do you want the cakes stacked on top of each other or separated with decorative spacers? By considering all of these factors you can create that special, memorable cake that people will talk about for years to come. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions that you might have and we will respond as soon as possible.

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