Caricaturer from DaSuppa - is in world top of OVI store

Written by Amir Basyrov  |  08. April 2011

Mobile entertainments publisher DaSuppa is proud to inform that its application √ź¬°aricaturer for Symbian^3 platform is on first place in a global top of paid applications in Nokia OVI Store. According to the general director of DaSuppa Dmitry Plushchevsky, it has happen right after the application was published in Ovi store: "Our pilot app Caricaturer was top-rated by users of Nokia new platform - Symbian ^ 3. We believe that happened because we were able to maximize the unique opportunities of devices on the new platform Symbian ^ 3 - a convenient touch-screen interface, great camera and efficient processor. Alexei Kokin, Nokia's developers cooperation manager, commented: "App Ovi store offers equal chances to developers from any country. It's nice to realize that the application of Russian developers is highly appreciated among users all over the world. Within first few days, the application Caricaturer was bought by users from more than 10 countries. Among these are the countries of Europe, CIS and North America. About Caricaturer Mobile application Caricaturer - is a cool app that helps you to have fun and play up your friends. With the help of this app, you can easily make and send the hilarious animated movie, where your friend is turning into a funny creature. You can show video to your friends, send a MMS, e-mail or Bluetooth directly through the interface of the program in a couple of clicks This app has very easy interface. First of all, it is finger oriented, which means you can use it without stylus or anything else. Then it is so user-friendly that you`ll use only 7 navigation and 15 special effects buttons to discover all opportunities of our app. Regarding effects, which can be applied to the original photo, there are five of them: objects movements (finger), objects zooming, object rotation to the right and to the left and objects cancellation. Let`s check those effects more closely: Finger. This feature allows you to blur the picture as though we use a wet brush on a painting, moving everything under the brush. This effect can extend various body parts or objects on the picture Objects zoom. Or the effect of magnifying glass. Increases everything that is within range. Objects rotation to the right. Objects spiral twist to the right withinrange. Objects rotation to the left. Objects spiral twist to the left within range Cancellation. Function that cancels all of the effects within range of action. So if you twisted, turned, or zoomed something you can undo this only by using this function. And no matter how many effects you used on the image area - all the effects within range of action will be cancelled As all of the DaSuppa company's products are distributed absolutely for free, you can upload Carikaturer to your phone for free. However, if you want to save your framed animation, you'll have to buy the full version. But, if you want to test our app and its functionality, you can download a free trial-version, without objects saving option. The application is developed by Russian developer Stoik and published by DaSuppa - mobile entertainment publishers. About DaSuppa - mobile entertainment publisher Mobile Entertainment Publisher DaSuppa was founded in 2007. The main direction of DaSuppa`s work is mobile games and work and leisure applications production. Currently the company operates 15 mobile games and applications. Furthermore the company offers an excellent monetization tool for mobile sites - the distribution of company`s games to earn income. Contacts: support@fairgames.mobi

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