The perfect wedding song and dance

Written by djentertainment  |  08. April 2002

   Congratulations! You're getting married! Get out the notebook and the folder because you're going to have a lot of hands-on planning and choosing to do, unless you get a wedding coordinator =) Simply planning a wedding would take pages to cover, and I'm sure you will even find some good books about planning weddings, but I'm just going to speak about picking the wedding song.    The first dance together, just after everybody warmly welcomed you in as newlyweds to your reception...don't be nervous! Just smile for the camera before the music starts. *smiles* It's your first dance together, have some fun and make it special. When you are picking a song, it should definitely be a mutually agreed decision...why? Wouldn't this just be the best way to start off your new life together? If you pick something very special, you'll remember it 50 years later when you're celebrating your anniversary.    As for picking a song, keep the nice radio stations on in the car, and keep a pen nearby for that song that gets all the emotion worked up. It may take some time, even go out and buy some compilations of love songs, they're great to listen and relax to, even if you don't use them for your wedding. I definitely would love to recommend some songs, but there are just so many different tastes, it would go on forever. Skipping forward a little bit after you get the perfect song, there are some very fun things I'd suggest that go along with the song.    First off, definitely, without a doubt, dance to it at home. Always keep it nearby to pop in and dance a little too, it's cute =) Secondly, just before you get to the first dance after you make you're entrance, do a nice walk around the dance floor, it gets everybody focusing and some nice time to calm yourself before you start. And lastly, do something to the song, dancing intimately is very nice and you'll get amazing wonderful pictures, but gentlemen, take the love of your life and give her a little twirl. You'll definitely set yourself apart and it will be so much more fun than the standard video and snapshots!    Once again, your first dance is your first celebration together, it sets the tone and starts everything off. Enjoy it, pick something you both enjoy, let the song come to you, don't bother with lists unless you're really really stuck...the night before the wedding...ok, maybe the week before =) Congratulations and thanks for stopping by LongIsland.com!

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