Komondor Visits Canine Careers Doggie Day Care Spa & Boutique

Written by Fran  |  07. April 2011

In March, Komondor owner and breeder Janet Cupolo and dog Quincy, visited the students enrolled in the Canine Careers program at the Eastern Suffolk BOCES Brookhaven Technical Center (BTC) in Bellport. The Komondor is a large white-colored Hungarian breed of guardian dog with a long, corded coat. Sometimes they are referred to as mop dogs. The Canine Careers program prepares students pursuing a career with dogs. They learn about the different breeds of dog such as sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, and herding, and the basic skills to groom, care for, and handle these animals. This month the students in teacher Lisa Konnerth's class learned about working dogs. Komondor is part of the working dog group. The Komondor is a rare and unusual looking breed bred to protect the sheep in the field against predators. Ms. Cupolo spoke about how the hair on these dogs is "corded" to protect them from potential bites from predators and to help camouflage them while they are on the job protecting the sheep. During Ms. Cupolo's presentation, the students completed a bio-sheet on Quincy which consisted of breed history, weight and height, and behavioral and physical characteristics.

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