Animal Science Students Learn the Benefits of Ultrasound

Written by Fran  |  07. April 2011

On Thursday March 3, 2011, Dr. Evan Blonder, owner of East Village Green Animal Hospital in Levittown, NY, provided an in-depth presentation on ultrasound techniques to students in the Eastern Suffolk BOCES Animal Science program at the Brookhaven Technical Center in Bellport. Ultrasound is commonly used to obtain images of soft tissue. Dr. Blonder brought an ultrasound machine from his practice and kindly donated his time to educate the students about how ultrasound is used in animal medicine. Animal Science teacher Lisa Mongiello said, "The Animal Science program provides hands-on experience with animals and prepares students who are pursuing animal related careers. Dr. Blonder used the machine to demonstrate ultrasound on several species of animals in the program." She added, "The classroom environment simulates procedures performed in veterinary hospitals, grooming shops, and kennel facilities. Students are also provided with hands-on experience with farm animals at Cornell Cooperative Extension."

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