Martial Arts & Karate Breaking

Written by karate  |  06. April 2007

I recall a line from The most famous Martial Arts Movie of all time "Enter The Dragon". Starring Bruce Lee The Villion (Bob Wahl) is matched against Bruce Lee in a Martial Arts Tournament and Smashes a Wood Board to Bits in front of Bruce Lee.Bruce Lee calmly answers back with the now famous karate phrase- "Boards Dont Hit Back".Of course Bruce Lee goes on to defeat his movie opponent. This was the beginning of my interest in karate Board and Block Breaking. In my schools we practice and teach breaking techniques to students from 7 years and older. Of course we use the correct board size and dimension for the students age rank and experience.We use breaking techniques to focus the power of the karate strikes we teach in our classwork training. For everyday training I incorporate re-breakable boards which simulate real boards and can be used time and again. Karate Strikes can and are both very fast and very powerful. Last year Karate Legend Bill "Superfoot " Wallace did a seminar at my school. His side kick has been timed at 65mph+. Imagine the damage that can cause.. Board Breaking is a very effective way to teach focus and precision of all karate strikes (martial arts). I myself have acomplished 4 cement patio blocks in one break. This would be equal to 16-20 wood boards. There are competitions for breaking that you see on ESPN and other Sport Networks. On Saturday April 28th The Long Island Kempo Alliance will be having such an Event at The Holiday Inn on Veterans Memorial Highway in Ronkonkoma. Tournament Director Thomas Campbell has told me that this will be Long Islands only Breaking Tournament. All wood and cement blocks will be provided at the tournament site to insure fairness to all competitors. This is sure to be a extra special event and put Long Island on the Martial Arts Map for Martial Arts Competitions and Tournaments. This event is open to all styles age 7 years to adults white - black belt For Information and applications call Tom at (631) 813-2092. See you at The Long Island Open Breaking Tournament on Sat April 28th it starts 9am. As always I leave you with this thought as I do to all my students. I as a teacher (sensei) can open a door for you, You as a student must choose to walk thru that door. Contact me at sensei@AmericanAcademyofSelfDefense.com

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