Anti-Bully Program Start Karate Now

Written by karate  |  29. March 2010

Have ou ever experienced being bullied by schoolmates,playmates , peers or even strangers? It's a good chance you have and so have many children here on Long Island. I can't tell you how many parents have come to me and tell me their child is being bullied. It could be in school , the bus , your neighborhood or almost anywhere. It's a problem that has been plagueing society forever. That being said here are some scary statistics between 20-25 pct of school kids are bullied at least once during the school year. Schools are not adequately set up or repared to deal with bully issues. Many schools have a zero tolerance policy that punishes the "victim" for standing upfor themselves and fighting back. This policy actually rewards the bully because the victim gets suspended or worse. Bulies also have a tendency of teaming up with other bullies to help terrorize the victim. Many bullies are children of parents that set bad examples and may have abused their own children physically or psychologically. Parets who set positive examples are much less likely to have bully children. Bullies many times have low self esteem which may lead them towards drug and alcohol abuse eventually. If your a parent, I agree you should worry about bullyism . My opinion is to enroll your child in a martial arts class. Your child will get physically fit and learn martial arts kills that will help defend themselves. Empower your kids with skills that will benefit them a lifetime. We at The American Academy of Self Defene have trained our Instructors to bring positive values in all things to our students. We strive to enhance our students self esteem and self confidence. With physical fitness and self defense training grow into their potential and have less distractions from bullies . Call us at our training center in Deer Park and we will set up a FREE Trial program for your child. It's a FACT...Karate Kids do BETTER in School. Call (631) 667-5001 for your first step in stomping out Bullies.

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