Spring Cleaning

Written by residentialre  |  29. March 2002

Spring is the time to get your landscape ready to bloom and ready yourself for outdoor home improvement projects. Repair winter damage. Look for sagging gutters, loose window frames or siding, deteriorating concrete or brickwork, missing roof shingles, or water damage under eaves or soffits. Schedule repairs promptly. Yard work. Clear away fallen branches and leaves. Use a mulching mower to spread clippings evenly over the lawn and fertilize naturally. Loosen the soil around perennials; plant annuals or a vegetable garden. Prune shrubs and trees. Patch and paint. Check exterior walls for holes or cracks; patch and paint as necessary. Fans and air conditioners. Clean fan blades using mild soapy water. Check the central air-conditioning unit for debris and obstructions; vacuum the main condenser coil on top of the unit. Check the operating condition of window air-conditioning units; remove and wash filters in mild soapy water. Turn on outdoor water supply. Hook up the garden hose and inspect it for cracks or leaks. Replace old washers. Clean windows. Wash windows, screens, and windowsills; repair any winter damage. Check exhaust fans and vents. Make sure all exhaust fans and vents are clean and clear. Remove lint buildup from the clothes dryer vent. Remove winter ashes. Sweep ashes into your fireplace's ash pit or into a dustpan. Clean and lightly oil fireplace tools. Remove ashes from wood-burning stoves and inspect all moving parts and gaskets to make sure they seal tightly. Condition your deck. Hammer in any loose nails, or replace them with galvanized deck screws. Replace any broken boards or rails. Rent a power washer to clean dirt and mildew from the wood, then apply an all-weather sealer or stain. Set up patio furniture. Check fences and pool. Repair any broken fence boards and paint or seal them as needed. Clean the pool if it has been covered all winter. Spring cleaning. Dust walls and ceilings to remove cobwebs and wash any grimy areas. Dust or wash registers. Wash window curtains or remove drapes for dry cleaning. Clean rugs and carpeting. Dust and polish wood or laminate floors. Polish woodwork. Clean the garage and bring out the garden tools and lawn mower.

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