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Save the EARTH...And It's Residents

EARTH DAY APRIL 22nd It's up to all of us to take care of the Earth. Make respecting and protecting our environment a family effort. This is a good opportunity to teach your children ...

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It's up to all of us to take care of the Earth. Make respecting and protecting our environment a family effort. This is a good opportunity to teach your children about what they can do to help protect our environment. Have a family discussion about the reduce-reuse-recycle concepts.

REDUCE- the amount of waste you have. Show your children the amount of trash your family accumulates.
* Create less garbage. Buy items with the least wrapping.
* Save paper. Whenever possible, use both sides, not just one.
* Save water. Take short showers, not baths.
* Save energy. Turn off lights when they're not in use.
REUSE- containers--glass and plastic containers are good for storing items. Kids love to decorate, so get out the paper and scissors and get creative.
* Choose long lasting electric razors, not disposables.
* Set up a compost heap for yard waste.
* Buy reusable glasses and plates, not the throw?away kind.
* Use rechargeable batteries.
RECYCLE- everything you can. Check your area for the types of recyclable products.
* Save Earth's resources. Recycle cans, glass, paper, and plastic.
* Find new ways to use old things (i.e., turn old coffee cans into pencil holders).
* Buy items that have the recycle symbol.
* Swap, donate or give away items you no longer need.

Come up with new ideas for your family. Here's a few to get you started......
* Encourage children to appreciate the beauty of nature by planting a garden or a tree. Don't have room for a garden? Help them grow a plant in your home.
*Make recycling of paper, plastic, metal cans, and glass a family project. Have your children help you sort recyclables and take them outside for curbside pickup or to your community's recycling center.
*Install water saving toilets, showerheads, and faucets in your home. Teach your children about ways to save a very precious resource...water.
*Show your children how the entire family can save electricity by turning off lights, radios, and televisions when leaving the room or not using them.
*Use nontoxic household products whenever possible. If you must use any toxic substances, follow all safety precautions for their storage, use, and disposal.

Starting your spring planting?? Be kind to the earth and it's careful with pesticides. Last year, about 83,000 children were exposed to a pesticide or a fertilizer containing a pesticide that was stored or used incorrectly, reports the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A child who touches, drinks, or inhales one of these products is at high risk for poisoning, To reduce this risk:
Minimize your use of these substances. Take plant and soil samples to a cooperative extension agency. Experts can identify any pests you may have and tell you how to get rid of them. Experts can also provide information about safer ways to fertilize your lawn.
-Buy only EPA-registered products.Check the label for an EPA registration number. If you use a lawn care service, check it's EPA number and ask that the company apply the least amount of product needed.
Remove children's and pets' toys from the yard before pesticide is applied. Cover heavy items like a sandbox with a leak-proof disposable plastic tarp.
Keep children and pets inside when you apply a pesticide. If you spray, close windows. Don't let kids or pets on or near a treated area until the product has dried...about 24 hours.
Never leave an open container lying around. If you are interrupted, close it and put it where a child or pet can't reach it.
Remove any clothing you wear when applying a pesticide before going near your family or pets.Wash it separately from the family laundry, so traces don't end up on kids' clothes.
Never transfer such products to another container, like a milk carton.
Store these products in a locked cupboard or shed.
Follow label instructions when disposing of expired products and their containers.
Ask neighbors if they plan to use these products. If so, find out how long your child , and pets should stay off their lawns.

Our precious Earth needs our help every day.

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