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Daily Top 10: 10 Shops on Long Island to Find Vinyl Records

Music lovers, or "audiophiles," understand the vast difference in music quality when listening to a CD and when listening to a vinyl record.

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Music lovers, or “audiophiles,” understand the vast difference in music quality when listening to a CD and when listening to a vinyl record.  The difference simply lies between an analog recording and a digital recording. Vinyl records are analog, meaning that their data is represented through a measurement of a continuously variable signal. A change in frequency between two values will occur by moving through the complete range in between them gradually and smoothly, accurately sounding out every tiny change.

CDs and MP3s are digitally encoded requiring a conversion from analog to digital sound. Loss of sound quality through the conversation is unavoidable. Imagine you asked to sing from a low pitch to a high pitch, as low and you can to as high as you can, BUT you can only use three tones. More than likely you would sing a low note, a middle note, and then finally, a high note. That is the range of a digital recording when fluctuating between two values, more like a series of steps than the smooth wave produced by a vinyl record. Thusly, much of the intended sound and quality of a song is lost on a digitized recording. The human ear works are a higher resolution than current technology and a trained ear can easily hear the difference.

If this is your kind of conversation, if you are old-fashioned and don’t want to move on from vinyl, or if you simply love vinyl for its vintage properties then it’s important that you visit any of the following record stores on Long Island, which sadly seem to be dwindling in number. These business stock used records, new releases and re-releases, used and new CDs and often DVDs, VHSs tapes and other music related paraphernalia.

1.    Mr Cheapo CD & Record Exchange
46 Jericho Turnpike, Commack – (631) 543-8686

2.    Looney Tunes
31 Brookvale Avenue, West Babylon – (631) 587-7722

3.    CD Island
228 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre – (516) 678-9445

4.    Avenue D Records & Collectibles
35 West Main Street, East Islip – (631) 581-3505

5.    Infinity Records
510 Park Boulevard, Massapequa – (516) 221-0634

6.    High Fidelity Records
59B Merrick Road, Amityville – (631) 264-0524

7.    Whirlin’ Disc Records
230 Main Street, Farmingdale – (516) 694-1145

8.    Mr. Cheapo Record Exchange
134 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola – (516) 742-7670

9.    Utopia
3 Newbridge Road, Hicksville – (516) 935-6680

10.    Record Reserve
126-B Laurel Road, East Northport – (631) 261-0747