Its been awhile....

Staind sang it best, and I'm eternally sorry for my absence. Unfortunately due to my own personal hell; know by most of you as life; I haven't updated this page in more than a year. ...

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Staind sang it best, and I'm eternally sorry for my absence. Unfortunately due to my own personal hell; know by most of you as life; I haven't updated this page in more than a year. But I am glad to say that I am back, and I hope you'll have me. So on with the show!

Now in my first-at-bat this time, we're gonna start things off right! Spring has sprung (or atleast heard the alarm clock and finally dragged its lazy arse into the shower) and this weekend should be PERFECT for a good time. Now by good time I mean crazy, outrageous, over the top antics. Or for those who faint easy, you can always go see a movie...

Lets get right to it. Friday at Palmers, which is located at the Vanderbilt (yes the same place they have concerts at) has a Happy Hour to end all Happy Hours. Its $2 appetizers, $2 Hand Rolled Cigars, $2 Miller Lite Specials, and 2 for 1 So-Co and Lime shots. All of this - from 2pm til 2am! You can't lose. Now this is a bit of an older crowd (30+) but still...if you don't mind being a tad younger than everyone else, its not all that bad. This Friday however there is a Concert upstairs, so please be prepared for some kids to be around.

Also this Friday the best new Rock band to Hit Long Island is playing at the Downtown In Farmingdale (Located on Main Street just before the railroad tracks - Call for directions or look them up on MapQuest) As Tall As Lions is gonna rock the house. Recently Signed to Island Records these kids definetly provide a hell of a show, and wouldn't you rather see a Kicking Band in a small club before they're huge? Its kind of Emo Rock (emotional rock for all of you who don't know what Emo is) and kind of Indie Rock at the same time. Of course there is a cover, but for the mere $5 its definetly worth it. if not I'll give you your money back personally. Just look for me by the front of the stage rocking out.

Now, Elton John once sang "Saturday Night's Alright" But I'm not talking about for fighting! I'm gonna try to Start something new here in honor of My return. I want to feature a town to be at on Saturday night. This week I will choose the Inagural town of Long Beach. Why you may ask? Because of a place called The Inn. Now yes, there is a cover - usually about no more than $10 - but its a HELL OF A TIME! And what better way to urge summer to wake up than with a kick butt time, at a kick butt bar? The place is usually packed - rain or shine, and there is always live entertainment. The best part is Nassau County is now (suppossed to be) smoke free, so atleast you don't go home smelling like an ashtray. And after the band is done, there is a house DJ who keeps you going. Now i'm not one for late nights but honestly, I never leave this place before close - how can you want to? And on the same block you've also got Minnesota's, a place called The Whales Tale, and a few more.

Another Nassau Bar for a good time is Mulcahy's. There is always a live band, usually of high-calliber skills, and it never dissapoints. Plus the Train is right there - so you don't have to Drink and Drive.

Now if you live in Suffolk County and don't want the hassle and responsibilty of driving to Nassau, and because you want to smoke in a bar your choice is simple. Either Port Jeff (Down-Port as the kids like to call it) or Smithtown. Now why two places? Because in Prt Jeff you have several great bars within walking distance of each other. Tara's Inn is my #1 choice because, well there Kitchen is open til 3am and their Tara Burger (mmmm, its soooo good!) is only $1! Want chesse? its only $2! This my friend, is the drunk person's paradise. Plus the village Inn is right next door, Billie's is a bit of a hike, and Horsefeathers is right at the tracks.

Now Smithtown is great for 4 reasons. #1 - Napper Tandy's. #2 - Molly Blooms. #3 - Horse & Jockey. #4 - They are all located on Main St. (rt 25A), and are literally next door to each other. the best part - they offer 3 completely different crowds. Napper's is mostly a younger crowd that likes to dance (there is usually a band/DJ) Molly Blooms offers the comforts of a college styled atmostphere, and Horse & Jockey caters to a (generally) 27+ crowd. But no place will dissapoint. But if they do - Katie Donnegan's is about 3 blocks west towards the train tracks.

Whew! I'm exhausted after that! So get out, and get your mind on something other than the War. If anyone has a favorite band that they know is playing, or a favorite bar they know that I should know about - TELL ME! I will try my damndest to update this page as often as possible when I know what's going to be good for the weekends (i.e. Thursday - Saturday night's) and I will also be posting polls and such and some questions and answers. So there it is kids. I hope you enjoy every bit of it.