Doctors Deploy Mobile Unit on Long Island to Serve Patients At Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Written by Brooke Hein  |  26. March 2020

Dr. Perry Frankel and the team at Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics announced it is now offering at-home and on-site visits to patients in need of medical care. With most medical facilities now closed or dedicated to caring for patients with coronavirus, Dr. Frankel has deployed a 40-ft mobile medical unit to serve patients whose everyday heart health depends on regular monitoring and care. The mobile unit enables care to patients staying home during the pandemic and allows for appropriate social distancing measures.

Dr. Frankel said, “Everyone is worried about coronavirus, but heart attacks remain the #1 cause of death in America. A heart attack occurs in the U.S. every 42 seconds. Those people can’t wait for coronavirus to pass to see a doctor – and we can’t risk them becoming patients for coronavirus themselves.”

The mobile medical unit, now being deployed across New York State starting on Long Island, is a 40-foot long bus with room for up to 6 patients at a time (now only taking 3 at a time to adjust for social distancing needs). In it they can administer routine medical care, lab tests, EKG’S, echocardiograms, carotid studies, stress tests, and much more. Under normal circumstances the mobile unit is used for on-site visits for police departments,corporations, churches and unions who may be more at risk for cardiovascular illness, but have a harder time traveling to an appointment during regular business hours.

Dr. Frankel continued, “We want to do our part to make sure people get the care they need to prevent additional emergencies during a major public health crisis. Cardiovascular patients are in a high-risk category for coronavirus so we must keep them out of the hospitals – and the healthcare system just can’t handle the additional pressure of heart attacks that may have been prevented under normal circumstances. We can help solve both of those problems by maintaining regular care at the patients home.”

Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics is a statewide network of cardiologists and general practitioners, reaching from Long Island through New York City and all of New York State and an additional network of doctors in Florida. They are also using telemedicine to connect with patients who can be screened remotely for concerns related to coronavirus, as well as other everyday issues.

Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics accepts most insurances. Those seeking an appointment with the mobile unit can call (516) 488-5050 or email telemed@cardiovasculartesting.com.

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