Written by publicrelations  |  26. March 2002

There are numerous trade publications in every imaginable category - fishing, accounting, plumbing, and police enforcement. No matter who your audience is, there is a publication for that audience. To find these publications, you need to look in a reference book like Bacon's Media Directory. Their magazine directory lists every trade publication published in the U.S. Decide on your target and create a customized mailing list to fit your needs. Then create a strong query letter to send to the editors of these publications. The letter should be written in the following manner: *Lead - Something that will catch the editor's attention and entice his/her interest. * 2nd Paragraph - Explain what you want to do in the publication * 3rd Paragraph - Give background information on the author * Closing paragraph Most of the editors want an exclusive article. This means that it cannot be reproduced in other similar trade publications. If accepted, the editor will tell you the word count. Review the publication that will host your article and get to know its style. Before you begin, structure your article as you would a news story with the most important information followed by the least important information. If you don't feel that writing is your strong point, call a public relations professional to help you through the process. Once the article appears, you're a published author! Remember, let people know of your accomplishments!!! # # #

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