Homeowner How To: Tech Savvy Home Products

Written by Carrie B.  |  22. March 2013

Looking to update your home? Many a wishlist includes automatic faucets and technology-forward appliances. Today’s home appliances and products are energy efficient, design conscious, functional and beautiful.

With products that “learn” as you use them, smart thermostats that automatically adjust to your desired temperatures and even connected refrigerators with built-in tablets, today’s home market is quickly delivering innovative products that make your life easier and more efficient.

Check out some of the latest innovations showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that turn everyday appliances and products into a smart, convenient tech-savvy lifestyle for your family.

NEST Digital Thermostat

Products like the Nest digital thermostat that automatically learns every time you use it are not only convenient, but smart for families with busy schedules. A product like this is energy efficient, easy to use and can be adjusted even when away from home via an app on your tablet or cell phone. The streamlined look is a great design factor which is far superior to the old fashioned awkward thermostat box.

MOEN’s Motion Sense Automatic Faucet

Automatic faucets, usually reserved for commercial applications, have hit the home market running. Practical, water efficient and clean, automatic faucets generally are turned on either by the handle, or when your hands are in front of the motion sensor. Moen’s motion sense takes the automatic kitchen faucet to the next level. The newest breed can be turned on 3 ways; the handle, hands in front of the lower sensor or by swiping your hand across a sensor located at the top of the spout. When you use the swipe, the water turns on and runs until you swipe again, which is great for filling large pots of water without touching the handle, or leaving the water running without standing in front of it waving your hands. Especially in the kitchen, being able to activate the faucet without touching it is helpful and sanitary, keeping food residue and bacteria on the faucet to a minimum.

Samsung’s Evernote Ready Smart Fridge

A Wifi fridge? Yup, Samsung’s T9000 is equipped with a tablet and Evernote so you can send out your grocery list or a last ditch SOS for milk right from your refrigerator’s touchscreen. The tech-forward, smart fridge is fully equipped with apps connecting you to recipes, your twitter feed and even family photos. Talk about making your life easier! As of yet, the company has not come up with a release date for this tech-savvy home appliance, but we will be waiting with baited breath to check this out when it does arrive.

Technology has quickly become a large part of our everyday lives. Products that fully integrate into our already hectic lives, with a mere swipe of your hand or finger, are the way of the future and are starting to take hold in the marketplace. If you are looking to remodel your home or renovate your kitchen, keep these products and others like them in mind to save time, energy, water and money.

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