Choosing a Color Theme for Your Wedding

Written by wedding-planning  |  22. March 2006

By Michelle O'Connor, Wedding Weight Loss When you plan a wedding, there are so many factors to consider. Will you have a full complement of bridesmaids--or just a maid of honor? How large should your wedding be? Should you wear a traditional gown, or something more contemporary? One of the key decisions you will make early on will be the color palette for your wedding. This involves far more than just designating your two favorite colors as your official wedding colors. There are a number of things you should consider before making a final decision on wedding colors. One bonus of picking your color theme early is that it makes selecting your discount designer wedding gown even easier. The Meaning Behind the Colors You may not realize it, but different wedding colors mean different things. Pink, a perennial favorite, signifies love and friendship, while purple, another popular color, represents royalty, mystery, and spirituality. Yellow is perfect if you and your beloved are best friends, since it represents friendship and cooperation. Green signals peace and harmony, while light blue indicates health, happiness, patience and creativity. And, of course, that old standby white represents peace and protection. Popular Wedding Colors Popular wedding colors can vary greatly from year to year and season to season. For instance, while one year black-and-white weddings may be all the rage, another year romantic lavender may be the premiere color. You may want to stay away from the most popular color schemes in order to avoid copycat syndrome. Seasonal and Climate Concerns The colors you ultimately choose may also depend upon the season and climate in which you get married. In spring, gentle pastels are best, while summer weddings call for bright, bold hues. In the fall, you might choose colors that reflect the changing colors of the leaves outside; in winter, rich colors such as red, silver, deep blue, and burgundy can be show-stoppers. Flower Power When choosing your colors, another thing you might want to ponder is what kind of flowers you'll want at your wedding. For instance, if you're enamored with pink roses, a pink-and-white wedding may be best. If your colors match your flowers, your wedding will have a "pulled together" look that will be truly impressive. We hope you can use these unique wedding ideas.

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