A Bathing Suit? Right!

Written by weightloss  |  19. March 2001

There I was cleaning our my tee shirt drawer when it popped out. A Bathing suit! I realized that it is almost spring, and after spring..........Summer! Time to do some serious recalculation on the old eating habits. Maintaining over the winter is one thing, but a bathing suit! First enhancement, adding grapefruit: There is something magical about grapefruit, it makes you feel good, tastes good and is magical at burning fat. Eat one a day. Second enhancement, drink more water: This is one I always get stuck on. If you don't make a real effort to drink more water you forget. It really is that simple. I use a water bottle, 32 oz and force myself to drink 3 a day. It is amazing the good things that happen when you are properly hydrated. Your skin gets more suptle, your hair gets thicker and you wash away more fat. More to come next week.

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