Suzanne Somers & bioidentical hormones:Long Island Responds

Written by pharmacist  |  16. March 2004

On March 8th of this year, Suzanne Somers talked with "Today's" Ann Curry about her new book, "The Sexy Years." In this interview she discussed her success with bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT). Since that show's airing, the phone at our pharmacy has been ringing off the hook! We have been getting calls from so many Long Island and New York City women looking for an alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). All of the calls have asked for a referral for an endocrinologist or gynecologist that has experience or willingness to prescribe these non-synthetic hormones. Long Island, as well as NYC, has been behind the times in using such therapies. That is why I am asking for some feedback from patients, family members, or those who are aware of New York physicians prescribing BHRT's. This will hopefully get the word out to patients about the alternatives that may exist. A list of these practitioners will be made available via e-mail to those interested.

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