Written by Nick Christophers  |  13. March 2006

by Nick Christophers "In the movie business you have to be at the right place at the right time. And yeah, a little luck can't hurt either." Those are wise words from a man whom lady luck has smiled on but whose talents have proven on target. That talented individual is the scruff speaking tough guy actor, Vinny Vella. Vinny, grew up around some of the most famous Hollywood stars of our time. Such names, like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Martin Scorcese have crossed his path. Both socially and professionally. Vinny, came in close contact with the film industry when he supplied RV's for the actors through his fashion business. His first line of work was working in the fashion business moving merchandise around the city. While catering to the film crews he paid apt attention to possible auditions. After he gathered enough details of the audition he went and tried out. He eventually made some contacts and his film career was on the move. One of Vinny's first films was called " House of Styles" with then up and coming model Cindy Crawford. He was very excited of being apart of the film and was looking for new opportunities. As time proved he was casted in films like " Casino" and the TV smash hit "Sopranos". " I enjoyed working on the film " Casino", for many reasons. One, working with talented artists like De Niro and Pesci was great. Not to exclude the great directing by Martin Scorcese," added Vinny. The phenomenon of the HBO series the " Sopranos" which not only shocked the creators but the cast as well, has reached grand levels. Vinny was apart of the series in the last installment. " I think the show is doing very well. But you will find some people that feel different. Since they will have the last season this year I may be back so they can whack me," Vinny said with a chuckle. Earlier this year, Vinny was working on a film as the lead role for the first time. The film is called " Friends Like These", a comedy. The film is based on the most part on true facts. " I like the film because it takes you on a ride about how much everyone should value friendships. The film is not violent or full of bad language. It is not a mob flick either. Its just pure fun." Aside from appearing in Hollywood and Independent films Vinny is not difficult to find, he use to hang his hat, well not hat, but cashmere coat at the Italian eatery, Caf Met. The chic restaurant is located at 99 Second Avenue between 5th and 6th streets. Vinny use to hold court there every Tuesday night, but has now found a new haunt called Rubes. Presently he has been on the West Coast hammering out new future film projects yet to be announced. But we are sure are to be of exceptional taste. Vinny has proven his talent for acting time and again. There are still many roads he has to venture. But all we can say is that another kid from the neighborhood made his bones in glamorous Hollywood.

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