Tattoo Conventions – What are they about ?

Written by tattoos  |  11. March 2001

Tattoo Conventions go on all around the world. Just like conventions of any other industry, tattoo artists meet and trade their ideas. Tattoo conventions have actually been going on for 25 years already. The 25th anniversary to the first ever tattoo convention happened in Houston Texas this year. There were artists from all around the world celebrating the anniversary. Some of the artists were at the first show - 25 years ago. Tattoo Lou was there, hanging around with some old friends, many he has not seen since the first world convention in 1975. Its great to see these old timers get together and talk of the way tattooing has evolved over the years, and tell the stories of the way it was. Tattoo artist go to conventions to learn new ideas and tricks, while talking with, and watching others work. Yes, at these shows artist actually set up a booth and do tattoos. So if you ever have the opportunity to go to one, you should. The shows also include Awards for outstanding tattoo artists and awards for outstanding tattoos. Its incredible to watch tattoo art being performed by so many different artist, as every artist has their own styles. There is a tattoo convention coming up not far from you. The NY - NJ Tattoo Extravaganza 2001. It will be held at the Sheraton Meadowlands, from July 12th till the 15th. So if you would like to see an actual convention in person, start making the plans now. Being it will be in a hotel, it would be really cool to stay at the hotel and stay for a few days to really enjoy the show, and possibly even get tattooed. Hotel rates for the show are $130 per night, in order to receive this rate, be sure to mention the tattoo extravaganza. See you there. Hotel phone # (201) 896 - 0500 For more info on the Tattoo Extravaganza click on the link below.

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