Florida Panthers, March 11, 2001

Written by islanders  |  11. March 2001

A little bit of progress - we still lost (badly) but at least it wasn't as boring as the Minnesota Wild game. We had a little spunk in the first period. After the first, that's another story. Champ: Jason Blake. Always a trooper on the ice, but more importantly a trooper off the ice. His wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about a week ago. He has played outstanding hockey as usual, and has not let it interfere with his game. Our best wishes go out to him and his wife. Chump: Who else? Our good old buddy Zdeno! Come on now, do something (besides passing it to the opposing team's players). If you're not going to help the play, then hit someone. Please. Sighting: Welcome back, Butchie! Butch Goring was sitting up in the luxury box with Milbury this afternoon. Charles Wang also made an appearance, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He spoke alone MM, signed something, handed it to Milbury (I wonder what it is) and then left. Hmm.. a check for a real player, maybe? Trade deadline is Tuesday, I guess we'll see by then. Rick vs Roberto, Part I: He may have won the battle, but I don't think the real war will end for a couple of years, probably when both of these players have moved onto other teams. They are both young developing players. Who knows who will be the next Brodeur or Roy. Today, Roberto had the goal support that we can't give Rico. Hopefully, next season we will be able to. Stick Day: Are they crazy, or did they give us our sticks before the game. I haven't heard of any stick incidents, but that is just asking for trouble. Now if that was a Ranger or Flyer game, there would have been some beatings. Next year, give them out after the game, and give us a plastic puck, so we could have played in the parking lot. Game: Same old end of season Islander game. They're just going thru the motions, to get to the end. 2 weeks till the last set of homegames. See you there.

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