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Written by lisingles  |  10. March 2001

So St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching and though for most of you it is just a time to get...How do I put this nicely???.....'trashed' - For those of us who are Irish it is our chance to celebrate our history and culture. And if that happens to include drinking as much as humanly possible - So Be It! Well obviously if you're looking to celebrate big-time, New York City and the Parade is the place to be! The city is great - people from all over (including people who come from Ireland to see all the 'fuss' we Americans make about this holiday) come together on an Island and do nothing but enjoy the day. If you're not looking for the craziness but the celebration factor just go to a local Pub, or Bar. Anything that has a hint of Irish attached to it will be a full on St. Patty's Day Heaven through the entire weekend. That's right, because St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year, most bars are celebrating all weekend long. So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be nuts! Especially with most Island Bars opening up around 8 am on St. Patty's Day and going till the 'wee hours of the morning.' Try places such as Katie Daily's in Massapequa, Dublin Pub in New Hyde Park, Lilly Flannigan's in East Islip, Wantagh and Rockville Centre, Buckley's Irish Pub in Moriches, and Tara's Inn in Port Jefferson. Just don't forget - you can drink all you want, but only a real Irishman would be able to do it while having a stomach full of Corned Beef and Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes, Carrots, and Soda Bread! But remember to drink RESPONSIBLY! That means if you're gonna drink - don't drive....cause who wants to be in the papers for all the wrong reasons. Its just not worth it. And hell if you need a ride that bad and you find you don't have enough money, i'm sure the bartender would rather help you than hurt you. TRUST ME! Hell if push comes to shove - Just ask a cop to bring you home! Just play it safe no matter what you do. So get out there and celebrate! And for fun bring green food dye with you to put in your drinks....It's alot of fun to do to someone whose had 'Too Many'. Erin Go Bragh! P.S.- Don't forget our WEEKLY WEDNESDAY Late night Chat @10pm. See you there!

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