Written by childwriting  |  10. March 2001

After you created your 5 story basics, setting, characters, action, conflict, and climax. Now you are ready to create an Ending. The Ending is almost as important as the Climax. It is the sixth element that brings your story to a full conclusion. Since you already have the basics, you can take your characters, their actions, conflicts and climaxes to create different endings. See how many different endings you can come up with for one story. Remember that surprise endings are the best. You don't want the reader to figure out the ending. As you start to work on your ending, you will learn more about your main characters. How they react to their situations, what is the mission statement or message of your story? You can create several. It will be fun to see how many different messages you can create. Please remember to use life as your guide. Look for our next article: HOW DO I BECOME A WRITER?

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