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Written by Nick Christophers  |  09. March 2012

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There are many DJ’s today who attempt to make a name for themselves in anyway possible. Yet there are those who take pride in their work and effort to accomplish what most dream of. Michael Biz has done just that.

Michael began DJing at a young age working many events around the Long Island Tri-State area building a name for himself. In doing this he developed his own style and fan base. His love for music would eventually show in the coming years. Michael Biz learned the importance of how to program music for any event and how to properly read a crowd.

From this experience Michael Biz soon branched out and joined forces with one of the most influential DJ’s in the game. He came in contact with Demetrius Hernandez and Moody at a mobile DJ company who noticed his talents and love of music. They helped Michael develop as a DJ and Producer. Through them he came in contact with DJ Skribble. In turn, he would travel with Skribble and learned many aspects of the music business. Through these experiences he was eventually linked up with platinum producer J World (The Specialist) who passed on his knowledge as well.

“I was very blessed to come in contact with some awesome DJ’s and Producers to learn from. I was very blessed to be in such great company to work and learn from them.”

Eventually Michael teamed up with Demetrius Hernandez, Jessi Colasante a/k/a JeSànte and Ali to form the group Sole & Spirit. They went ahead and released a single called “Feeling Everything” utilizing the hot vocals from JeSànte and Ali along with the production from Michael Biz and Demetrius. The track was released on Taste The Jam / Strictly Rhythm.

Through that experience he went ahead and began working with the premier label Amathus Music to further develop as an artist. His first release under his moniker Michael Biz was “Move It” featuring Mr. Underhill. The track featured remixes from Mike “Thunder” Pennino and did well nationally and internationally. It was a major stepping stone for Michael Biz as a DJ / Producer.

“I’m currently working on a Michael Biz track that is going to push the envelope of my style. I’m trying a mix of my groovy swing beats with an electro/electric touch. It’s a different twist of my style in production. I am preparing a nice line up for the House Music lovers out there and Amathus is awesome enough to put them out with the right remixes that everyone will love.”

Michael Biz is currently working in the studio developing new ideas. His goals are to be consistent on the production end of the business. Along with Amathus Music he is looking to build a solid relationship and further develop his talents!

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