Intro - to Body Piercing

Written by piercing  |  07. March 2001

Body Piercing has Been around forever. It dates back to the days of tribes. Whether being initiated into the tribe, doing a ritual ceramony, or just having fun with self expression. Tribes made all types of crazy piercings far beyond the simple ones done today. Its only within the last 10 years that Body Piercing really became mainstream. It has become more and more popular as time goes on. Everyday we pierce many Belly Buttons, tounges, nipples and much much more. Its seems that today the kids are starting to get into it at much younger ages. Moms are becoming braver and braver. They are bringing in thier children of all ages to get piercings. All types of people get pierced - there really is no stereo-typical person who gets involved with piercings. We even see many Adults who just feel a certain need for a new form of self expresion. So Don't be shy - Get that Piercing you have always wanted. Just remember one thing - YES, you may remove it at any time.

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