The Origin of The Shaolin Temple / Kung Fu

Written by karate  |  06. March 2005

Many of us are familiar with the old TV series "Kung Fu - The Legend" from the 1960s starring David Carridine. I must admit I was hooked on watching this show weekley.The fabled legend truely starts in the year 495 AD. That is when the Chinese emperor Hsiao Wen built this great temple in the Songshan Mountains. In the sixth century an Indian monk from a Royal Family named Buddharrama traveled to this temple/monestary. In time he introduced the teachings and principles of Buddhism to the monks of The Shaolin Temple. The Indian Monk Buddharrama also taught and instructed the monks in breathing and meditation techniques based on the animals and legends . These techniques were used to purify and develop both body strength and an inner Chi. Over time these animal movements and excercise system were used for defensive purposes. As this system developed it was adapted to the use of fighting. It was then referred to as Shaolin Temple Boxing. The monks were very famous in their day and still hold high regard and respect in the martial arts world.Shaolin monks who have trained at the Shaolin Temple do tour the United States and demonstarte their great skills and awesome talent. If you get a chance see their show.

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