Written by job-strategies  |  02. March 2009

I am an ordinary person who has been empowering people to achieve extraordinary results by sharing my gift of The Seven Steps to Employment Success Power System. As a career coach and Job Ready Strategist, I offer job skills workshops to help empower the recent graduate, the unemployed, and those seeking a career change or who are concerned about job security in an increasingly uncertain economic environment. The current economic rollercoaster is triggering widespread emotional upheaval; as unemployment continues to rise, stress accelerates, bringing about unhealthy lifestyle choices (poor nutrition, depression. and lack of exercise, for example). Here are 12 suggestions to keep in mind to help you get through these troubled economic waters: 1. DO NOT LISTEN, READ, DISCUSS AND LOOK AT ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE PRESENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE 2. WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES ONE OPENS 3. WHEN ONE GETS FIRED ONE GETS HIRED 4. GREAT TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR EDUCATION AND SKILLS SO YOU CAN BECOME MORE MARKETABLE 5. NETWORK 6. EXERCISE/MEDITATE 7. START (AGAIN) TO EAT RIGHT 8. KEEP POSSITIVE THOUGHTS (SMILE) 9. VISIT YOUR HOUSE OF WORSHIP 10. ENJOY AND APPRECIATE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS 11. TREAT YOURSELF TO SOMETHING NICE 12. HIRE A CAREER COACH In conclusion: What is the definition of Recession vs. Depression? Recession is when your neighbor is out of work. Depression is when you are out of work. The reality is that we are facing serious challenges ahead. Once we admit that there is a problem, can we begin to solve it together. Remember: TEAM UP (TOGETHER EVERYONE CAN ACHIEVE MORE with UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.) CONTACT MICHAEL CORITSIDIS: acareercoach4u@yahoo.com

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