Healthy Cooking Tips

Written by chef  |  24. February 2001

Greetings Long Islanders!

Spring is quickly coming upon us and I know alot of you start to think about your diets. The weather gets a little warmer, we wear less clothing and we want to look good! More importantly we want to be healthy.
For the most part, I do eat healthy.I think that is the key. These fad diets are not the solution. They are the UNhealthy way to lose weight, that can be very dangerous. I belive it is an ajustment in your lifestyle. Cut out the junk food, eat more vegetables and fruit.Eat lower fatty foods & exercise! If you go out to LeCirque then you can break away for the evening and have that Filet with Bernaise Sauce and the chocolate souffle!

HERE ARE SOME COOKING & eating tips I suggest:

* Eat cheeses made with part skim milk, like mozzarella and Mexican style soft cheese.
* Eat smaller servings of meat and use lean meats more often.
* Eat no more than 3 eggs per week.
* When using mayonnaise, lunch meats, or crackers, choose the low fat variety.
* Use low ft sour cream or yogurt. You can also use a combination of the two.
* If you use nonfat yogurt for cooking, add 2 tbsp. flour to yogurt before cooking.
* Use canola or olive oil for cooking.
* Use low fat cottage cheese.
* Use fat free, cholesterol free egg substitute instead of eggs in baking and cooking.
* Use applesauce or buttermilk instead of oil in baking.


* Use fresh foods which usually have less salt than canned foods.
* Use foods made with less salt. For example, canned vegetables, soy sauce, tomato sauce and chips are available with less salt.
* Season your food with herbs and spices rather than salt.

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