1863 Thanksgiving Celebration at OBRV

Written by Long Island  |  22. February 2012

Old Bethpage Restoration Village takes you back in time this Thanksgiving holiday season. Celebrate an "1863 Thanksgiving" over two successive weekends November 20 - 21 and November 27 - 28 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Visitors to the recreated 19th-century village will be able to enjoy the sights and smells of an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, as wood-burning stoves, beehive stoves, beehive ovens and hearths are used to prepare foods and baked goods made from 19th-century recipes. The culinary exhibits include the *spitting* and roasting of turkey in a tin reflector oven beside the Williams House hearth and preparation of pies at the Powell House. Old Bethpage Restoration Village will also display 19th-century methods of food preservation employed for late fall crops. In addition, each afternoon, historical period music will be played and at the Noon Inn, children's stories will be read several times each day. Museum Admission: $10, adults; $7, children 5 - 12 (under 5 are free); and $7, seniors, volunteer firefighters. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

CONTACT INFO: Old Bethpage Village Restoration
1303 Round Swamp Rd
Old Bethpage, NY

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