Skin care tips - Avoid skin problems

Written by Shrihari Pataskar  |  21. February 2011

Types of skin cancer are many and they can affect nay one and in any part of the body. There are basically five types of cancer including Basal cell carcinoma, Melanoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, actinic keratosis and Squamous cell carcinoma. In Actinic keratosis the skin changes into red and pink scaly rough skin. If one gets exposed to sun then the redness and skin turns into itchiness and irritation. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common types of skin cancer in which the boil kind of is been raised from the skin and this pink waxy bumps may also bleed some time if it injures. In this case it mostly appears on a legs, necks, ears, trunk and lot more. Melanoma is the one of the type which also lists in skin cancer. It is the most dangerous skin cancer disease and almost 77% of the people those who are diagnosed to it has been cause death. If you notice properly there are certain black and brown type of spot appear on the skin. It happens when the blood cell breaks off and spreads every where in body. This skin problem appears because one does not take a proper skin care so it is necessary to follow a skin care tips. Kaposi's sarcoma is the rarest problem found in cancer. It is noticeable on legs and feet where the color of it is brown and red which later changes into blue color. It is basically caused due to Human Herpes Virus 8. The most common types of skin cancer are the squamous cell carcinoma. In this case the skin gets very rough with dull red color raised scaly skin. It mostly appears on the head, ears, neck, hands, back and forearms. This skin problem is very commonly affected to the adults. The list of skin problems are been increasing day by day and some of them are risky while some are mild. To avoid such skin problems one should take care of their skin were they can follow some skin care tips. One can go for a skin care for glowing skin, acne or some other problem. But there are some common tips which one can use. The skin is a very delicate one so one has to avoid more exposure to sun which later it causes to wrinkles, freckles, dry skin and lot more. A proper skin care clothes should wear. In sun avoid wearing thick, tight and rough cloths. Use sun screen whenever exposure to sun. If one is smoker or alcoholic then it is better to leave because it causes many problems. If one follows such skin care tips then defiantly the result will be beneficial. For more tips log on to www.Healthyskinguide.net and get the solution on queries also. For more details please logon to http:// www.Healthyskinguide.net

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