You Always Marry the Perfect Person

Written by marriageenrichment  |  20. February 2003

Mirror, mirror on the Wall... The concept that we married the perfect person seems all to obvious when we are at the altar. In spite of family concerns, if any, we are sure that this is the right person for us. If they adore him or her, then it just reinforces our feeling. The Human Development Company can assure you that indeed you did marry "The Perfect Person". In fact, every person marries the perfect person. Given that statement how does one explain a staggering 50% divorce rate, and the obviously many marriages that, in spite of being dysfunctional, non-nurturing entities, survive. What we need to examine is what we mean by "Perfect"? You have often heard the idea of 'my better half', 'my other half', that marriage somehow completes us. Actually marriage, like any relationship, is able to give us an accurate reflection of the sum total of our point of view about ourselves, our ideas regarding the opposite sex, and our ideas about relationships. The person we choose, whether we make an aware, conscious choice or not, reflects these ideas. If you want to get to know who you are and what you really believe about men or women, and relationships/marriage, just take a look at whom you married. The mirror is quite accurate - it never lies. We unfortunately are not aware of its magical properties, and especially if we don't like what we see, tend to imagine that this is NOT what we wanted. Next article will challenge you to use the mirror.

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