Written by Marlene Rhein  |  18. February 2011

myparentsarecrazierthanyours.com Check out the hottest and most hilarious blog that everyone is talking about. When a single, 40-yr-old writer gets fired from her hated day job and is refused housing in NYC because of her pet Pit Bull, she is left with no option but to move back home with her nut-job parents in Suffolk County, Long Island. She creates a blog to stay sane, "MyParentsAreCrazierThanYours.com" and it becomes a hit. She has received hundreds of thousands of emails from people around the world who report on their crazy parents. Each episode is a laugh-out-loud account of real life you can relate to, as it deals with life's disappointments, unemployment, and the difficulty in dealing with insane parents who are also aging and in need of their children's help.

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