Planning a St. Patrick's Day Themed Engagement Party!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

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Photo by: Shutterstock

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, many brides and grooms to be are having engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, bachelor, and bachelorette parties themed for the holiday. When there is a holiday as festive as St. Patrick’s Day coming up, people will always want to celebrate with themed, decorations, food and drinks, especially before a wedding. If you are an Irish couple with a big Irish family then this is really the perfect theme for you! Why not give them what they’re looking for and give them a party to remember!

St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite holiday for many people. As the saying goes, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day”! So take this opportunity to bring some good Irish tradition into your party. Everyone knows that the Irish don’t mess around with their holiday and they celebrate in every way possible. Take a look at some of these idea’s to make your St. Patrick’s Day Party:

Green Beer: This classic beverage will be a sure fan favorite at your party. Simple add green food dye to your favorite beer, specifically a lighter colored lager, for pint of green beer! Think other green colored cocktails as well such as a martini using crème de menthe instead of vermouth. There are also variations on the Appletini using Irish whisky and sour apple mix that your guests will love!

Centerpieces: There are tons of ways that you can make beautiful green centerpieces for your party. The important thing is to not overdo the green and compliment any green flowers that your use with baby’s breathe or lilies, just a little white to give the centerpiece a certain elegance. Check with your local florists to see what options you have. Also take a look at your local craft stores for some DIY inspiration!

Favors: Your party favors can be very festive for this holiday! Think about putting out little pots of gold, made by taking gold chocolate coins and putting them in mini buckets. Also if you’re having an adult themed party, you can leave your guests with a nip of Jameson or any other Irish whisky. For those looking for a more natural favor you give out seeds for four leaf clovers! It will be sure to impress your guests!