Written by Shana Fuller  |  17. February 2011

BOHEMIA, N.Y. - R.W. Roge & Company, a wealth management firm serving high net-worth individuals and institutions, is pleased to announce that The Banker and the Fisherman - Lessons in Life, Happiness & Wealth for the 21st Century, written by Chairman and CEO Ron W. Roge, is now available as a Kindle e-book. First published in 2008, The Banker and the Fisherman brings together the experience and wisdom of three of Roge's nationally recognized wealth advisors, providing a rational and realistic look at life's financial issues and how to plan for them. "We wrote The Banker and the Fisherman to get people thinking about what really matters in their life, as well as to show them how to reach their goals through a solid financial plan," Mr. Roge said. "We are thrilled that the book is now available for Kindle, providing more people with the opportunity to view and use this resource as they set out on their own financial journey." The Banker and the Fisherman presents a series of situations to empower readers and challenge the status quo of financial and investment advice. Whether determining the actual cost of a college education, if hedge funds are a good investment or weighing the options for life or long-term care insurance, the book aims to provide practical advice for a number of financial situations. "Money and life's meanings are ultimately connected, but not in the way that many people think. Too often, we find that people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing," Mr. Roge said. "This is a book that is designed to be read again and again, to give advice that can benefit people in a number of situations, and to be an ongoing resource in planning financial goals for a meaningful life." For more information about R.W. Roge, please contact Carol Graumann at 973-732-3521 or Carol@jcprinc.com. About R.W. Roge & Company R.W. Roge & Company, a fee-only wealth management firm, based out of Bohemia, New York, has been successfully offering exceptional personalized service and a disciplined unique wealth management process for their clients since 1986. R.W. Roge serves over 100 investors and has over $250 million in assets under management. For more information, please visit www.rwroge.com.

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