Voyageurs National Park - Adventurous destination for vacation.

Written by Shrihari Pataskar  |  16. February 2011

Family vacation ideas are a must if one is planning for a holiday. There are many destinations and places where you can go with your family and friends or even with loved ones. Before planning a vacation it is very common to have clashes regarding on which destination to go. If you know a particular place which is famous and known for holidays then they can go for it. But what are the facilities available there you should know it and this discussion come in family vacation ideas. Some people like crowded place and some of them calm place where they can spend a peaceful vacation in their best times. Such places are been preserved many on this earth which are also the attraction to many tourist. In the list of top 10 places for vacation few of the places are most popular and are ranked at top including Maldives, Hawaii, Thailand, Bahamas, Malaysia and many more. In family vacation ideas you should also check out the tourist attraction like which are the famous sites and spots where one can go to visit. Some of the places it is very common to have sites or places like historical architectural site, museums, monuments, gardens, beaches and lot more which seek the attraction of many tourists who travel from various places and come here to visit such beautiful places. Even what are the facilities available like to accommodate hotels and resorts and for dining best restaurants with mouth watering cuisines all this comes in the list of family vacation ideas.
Voyageurs National Park is the most beautiful park which is been preserved with natural beauty in the hands of United States. This park is been located in northern Minnesota and the nearest town to this place is the International Falls. It is a worth seeing park to be watched once in a life. This park was been established in the year 1975 and was named in the name of the French- Canadian fur traders that is Voyageurs who was the first European. Voyageurs National Park is entirely a land area and has preserved many sites in this place. The total area of this park is about 218,054 acres. The lake Kabetogama Narrows lies beautifully in this park and many other lakes also. The activities one can do in Voyageurs National Park is camping and fishing near lakes, boating in river, hiking on rugged mountains and lot more adventurous activities can be done here. To know which is the best time to visit this park log on to www.remarkablevacations.net.
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