Dome of the Rock - A crown on Temple Mount.

Written by Shrihari Pataskar  |  16. February 2011

The Dome of the Rock is wonderful site which is been jeweled in the old city of Jerusalem. This site is been a shrine of Islamic religion and it is been located on the top of the Temple Mount. It is a landmark of the Jerusalem and it is the oldest structures to be made in an Islamic style. This architecture was been completed in the year 691 CE. The Dome of the Rock was been structured and build by the order of Arabian Umayyad Caliph and Abd al-Malik. Thos site is been a symbolic sign to for the Islamic religion and a religious tradition known as Foundation Stone which the heart of this temple. If you visit this place then it is a worth to see this spectacular view in your vacation. The Dome of the Rock is been visibly seen from the far place the golden dome shines so brightly in middle of this city. This structure is been build on the second Jewish temple. The dome is basically situated in the centre on the platform of the Temple Mount. This temple was been destroyed during the conflict between the Jerusalem and the Rashiudun. Later on to repair this temple the Dome of the Rock was been constructed by the two architectures Yazid Ibn Salam and Raja Ibn Haywah. The diameter of the dome is approximately about 20 meter and has 16 piers circles and columns.
Roman Baths is another great site to be visited in England. It is one of the most historical sites which was built long back in the year 1894 and later on completed in 1897. This site is a complex one to the English site. Many tourists travel from different regions to visit this place and explore it while they are on a tour of England. Basically this Roman Baths was been a public bathing center where the Romans use to make use of it for their personal reasons. The four main features which are found in this place are the Roman temple, museum, sacred spring and even Roman bath house. There is a history that why this site was been built. The Roman was given the facility of water supply through lead pipes but the Romans have to pay taxes according to the size of the pipe. The Romans could pay so the water supply was been disconnected and then the Roman Baths was been build. This site was not only a public bathing but a place where social occasions where also held. www.sacredvoyage.net is a travel guideline to know about the above places.
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