Written by Nick Christophers  |  16. February 2008

by Nick Christophers New York with its majestic towers and gleaming buildings has produced many a talent yet along the strip of New York there lays another part that is seldom highlighted. That part being the spacious land called Long Island. That strip of land that hugs the shoreline has also produced some exceptional talents. One such person is new up and coming R&B singer/songwriter Bridgette Angelique. Raised in a home rich in Latin culture Bridgette was always surrounded by music, mainly salsa and R&B. This influx of music only fueled her desire to embrace it. At age 3, she began to exhibit her knack for performing and singing in front of others. Yet she truly realized her desire to sing when she discovered the TV show "Star Search". "After watching the show a few times I knew in my heart I wanted to sing," added Bridgette. When she reached her sixteenth year she branched off into songwriting and with the positive feedback she was receiving it was the "icing on the cake" as Bridgette would say. Bridgette went onto perform in local plays, chorus and a show choir where for one year she was the choreographer. Also she took part in the Traveling Hispanic Theatre a non-profit organization. She soon went on to graduate from 5 Towns College with a degree in Music Business. Attending the college was a choice Bridgette made to aide her on the basic ins and outs of the business." I wanted to be educated first on the business side of becoming and developing as an artist. I wanted to have a better understanding of "the behind the scenes" aspect of the business." The course work she completed at 5 Towns College was invaluable and she credits the school for preparing her on her journey. In the years of performing she has had many influences. One of her biggest inspirations is Michael Jackson. "I use to dress like him and copy his dance moves and always sing "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad". My family even has pictures and home videos of me. My voice inspiration would most certainly be Whitney Houston. Her single "Greatest Love of All" is pure talent and my favorite song." Bridgette's formal training began at age 6 where she took vocal lessons that later led her to musical theatre and talent competitions. When she entered 4th grade she joined the school chorus and stayed with it all the way to high school. During the time that she has performed only one moment has stood strongest in her mind. "One very special moment where I performed was at my friend Conner's wake. It was the hardest thing to do. When I reached the podium I thought I was going to breakdown but I had to be strong for him. He always wanted to see me sing live but never got the chance to. So I had to make sure that I would grant him that wish. It had to be the most memorable and meaningful moment I ever sang." Presently, Bridgette has a new CD out called "Plan B" where it features talented producers Eryck Bry, Ram and Ono. It was funded and completed with her manager Danny B. Its soulful rhythms and R&B sounds are a staple to her upbringing and her influences. Her CD can be found on www.cdbaby.com or www.looneytunescds.com Her future plans are to do some touring and possibly do some songwriting for other artists and of course pump out some more releases. During her musical journey to stardom her family has supported her 100% including her friends and fan base. If she was to advice other young women who desire to tackle the music scene she strongly suggests: "Be smart, cautious, believe in yourself, work hard and never sell your soul only give it."

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