Where's the Fire?

Written by babystuff  |  16. February 2001

My son is such a stereotypical boy that it almost feels as though he'll eventually tell me he wants to be an astronaut someday. Right now Luc is crazy about trucks--especially fire trucks. My youngest brother has made me a proud big sister by actually becoming a real fireman (which I have to say makes me giggle because I remember him always being in awe of fire trucks) but, I digress. So anyway, when I pass a fire station or fire truck I can't help but be drawn to look at them. I was rushing back from the post office the other day and while passing the Hauppauge Volunteer Fire Department I saw a sign that said, "Baby Sitter Course." I picked up my cell phone (of course the earbud was in my ear... ahem) and called the number to find out what they were up to. The Hauppauge FD will be sponsoring a FREE baby sitter course for children 11 and older. The course will start on Saturday March 3rd and continue each Saturday until the 24th from 9:30am - 12:00noon. This course is designed to instruct potential babysitters what to do in the event of an emergency. All classes are supervised by firefighters from the Hauppauge FD and by members of the Ladies Auxillary. I personally think that the Hauppauge FD should be commended for such a fantastic idea. Deadline for registration is February 28th. Call 631-265-2499, x102 for more information.

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