Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K - Excellent sound quality for its price

Written by Deepak  |  14. February 2011

There are plenty of home audio systems in the market and amongst them; Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K is worth mentioning for it sound quality. It is really outstanding for the given price point. There are four inputs for HDMI and hence you can connect multiple gear to it without disconnecting the other. There is also a USB port here which can be used for connecting iPhones or iPods and browsing music on the screen through the graphical user interface. This is not all, the pioneer vsx-1019ah-k has video upconversion ability to 1080p and the image quality too is acceptable considering the price. For getting the best sound quality, the manufacturer has put in Dolby DTS-HD and TrueHD Master Audio decoding. The system is Sirius ready and speaker calibration can be done automatically. So far so good but this system does come with a few drawbacks. The advanced controls are a bit difficult to set up and the manual can be a bit confusing. If you haven't used such audio systems before, it is recommended that you directly talk to the company representatives instead of going through the manual.To conclude it can be said that the Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K offers good value for money even though it has some drawbacks. The sound quality is really good for this price point and hence this is heavily recommended if you are looking for home audio systems.The bundled remote on this device is quite good but it also appears cluttered. The functions like playback controls and the directional pad are well separated but the volume control buttons should have been more prominent. A few buttons serve 2 functions and this might confuse you. Hence, it is recommended that you to get a good quality universal remote. For more information please visit- http://www.thetechmagnet.net

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