Today Does Not Predict Tomorrow

Written by coachingforcareers  |  13. February 2002

Are you making all of your career decisions based on what is happening today, or where you want to be tomorrow? It is sometimes difficult to have a rosy outlook for the future when you do not know what the future will bring. Especially if you are in an office where low morale, uncertainty, competitiveness among co-workers, and fear is the norm. Yes, things are tougher now. Most of us are grateful just to make it through another day without losing our job. But when you give up on what you really want in your career because things look bleak today, you miss out on the opportunity to create a better tomorrow. So What Can You Do To Create A Better Tomorrow? Follow These Easy Steps: 1. Admit That You Want To Be Somewhere Else In today's climate, we are so afraid to admit that we do not like where we are because we believe we should be grateful to even have a job. Grateful yes. Forgetting about your future and what you really want "NO!" 2. Admit That The Economy Will Improve Business goes in cycles and we are in a down cycle. This will not be the case forever. Sooner or later we will be back up. Sometimes the upside to being down on ourselves is that we do not have to face or improve our situation. But if we do nothing now to improve our careers, we will not be any happier when the economy does improve. 3. Admit That You Are Afraid To Try Down times in the economy could easily knock the wind out of your sails. A few years ago when the economy was healthier, you may have had more confidence to pursue your ideal career. But now, you may have lost your motivation. Go ahead and face your fears. Maybe courage is the lesson the universe is trying to teach you. 4. Admit That You Need Help It is ok to ask for help. You are not supposed to deal with tough times alone. Why not let a family member, friend, or coach help you see your way through? 5. Admit That You Do Not Know Where To Begin Starting is the most difficult part of any project you undertake. (Procrastination only makes it worse!) But once you take a step, any step, the steps become easier until one day you find that you are there. There is no right place to begin. Trust that the place to start is the step you take today. So what do you say? You only have one life to live so it might as well be one you love!

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