Forget Flowers - Make This Valentine's Day Special with a Unique, Meaningful Gift

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away - show your valentine that you care with these memorable gift ideas and experiences!

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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is just two days away and lovers will soon be exchanging chocolate covered candies, fresh flowers, greeting cards and other gifts. While giving your sweetheart a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your local florist or a box of chocolates is thoughtful, it is also simple, original and the standard of gift-giving. Make this Valentine’s day memorable by being innovative rather than conventional with those go-to gifts of the holiday.

Finding that special something for that special someone can be difficult. Don’t stress out over the big things but focus on those little things and create your own Valentine’s Day tradition that you and your honey can continue for years to come! Most couples will be going out for a romantic dinner but make this Valentine’s Day even more special by showing them just how much you care! Woo your Valentine with a unique and meaningful gift they won’t only love but remember with some of these ideas!

  • Make a Homemade Valentine’s Craft
    Nothing speaks more than a gift that comes from the heart. Make something special from scratch that truly shows how much you care. It can also be something that can be kept forever.
  • Create a Photo Album
    Go through all your old photos in albums or print some out from your computer to create a unique and one of a kind photo album of just you two with all the memories you and your other shared. You can even create a frame with a couple of pleasant photos to hang on the wall!
  • Homemade Valentine’s Day Dinner
    While most lovebirds will be going to a fancy restaurant to celebrate this day of couples, make things more intimate and special by preparing a Valentine’s Day dinner at home with a bottle of wine and some candles that will sure put things in the right mood.
  • Spend The Day at The Aquarium or Museum
    There’s nothing more special than sharing a moment with your lover. Make things interesting by spending a day at the museum and look about the history of Long Island or check out a local aquarium to see some aquatic creatures!
  • Have Some Private and Quality Time
    With plenty of fabulous fun-filled events, spend the whole day with the family or loved one for some much needed quality time.
  • Gift Hide-and-Seek
    If there is something that your Valentine has been wanting for a while like a necklace or bracelet, make things more fun and surprising by hiding it. Then, pick a couple of spots in your home where you can hide pieces of candy. Leave a note for your Valentine telling them where to go. Lead your Valentine to a couple of rooms in your home where they will find a piece of candy and another note directing them where to go next. In the end, your notes should direct them to the grand surprise!

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day?
Have any other thoughtful ideas for a unique gift?
Share your ideas with us in the comments below!