Top 10 Valentine's Day Activities For Couples

Written by Brian Re  |  11. February 2019

When it comes to showing your special someone how much they mean to you, Valentine's Day provides the perfect opportunity. The history of Valentine's Day is shrouded in quite a bit of mystery, though available information seems to suggest that it relates to one of the Saint Valentines, of which there were numerous, and dates back at least hundreds of years. Regardless of the origins of the holiday, it has evolved into a beloved occasion for expressing love and adoration to the ones we hold dear.

Though February 14th falls at the heart of winter, Long Island has plenty of fantastic destinations that can make the holiday a memorable one for you and your partner.  Here are some of our favorite date ideas that are sure to make for a fantastic holiday!

1. Embrace A Skating Adventure - Whether you're looking to go ice skating or roller skating, spending an evening at the rink is sure to create a memory that you both will cherish for years to come.

2. Savor a Romantic Meal - Restaurants throughout Nassau and Suffolk will be serving up special dishes made especially for Valentine's Day and prix-fixe options that are perfect for a memorable dinner.

3. Tour The Vanderbilt - The Vanderbilt Museum will be offering Twilight Tours in the evening, giving couples the opportunity to experience the historic estate.

4. Create A Masterpiece Together - Valentine's Day is all about spending time with your loved one, and there is nothing quite like working side-by-side while sipping wine at a Paint Nite event!

5. Enjoy the Sounds of Live Music - From tributes to The Beatles to talented jazz ensembles, there are concerts on Valentine's Day that cater to fans of a wide variety of genres.

6. Sip Whites and Reds at a Wine Bar - Taste-testing exquisite new wines at a nearby wine bar is an excellent way to stay warm while enjoying the company of your significant other.

7. Use Your Wits to Escape the Room - Solving challenging puzzles while attempting to beat a ticking clock is a great way for couples to bond while enjoying an adrenaline-pumping experience.

8. Enjoy a Relaxing Sunset - There are a number of parks in local towns that offer gorgeous views of the setting sun. Fill a thermos with coffee or hot chocolate and stay warm by keeping your date close!

9. Walk Around a Historic Town - From Port Jefferson to Port Washington, Northport to Greenport, there are a number of towns that are packed with boutique shops and renowned dining destinations.

10. Roll a Few Spares and Strikes - A little competition at a bowling alley is a great way to stay active and keep the laughs going throughout the evening.

How are you planning to spend Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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