Medical Tourism Companies - Top 5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing One

Written by Mikie Murphy  |  11. February 2011

Medical tourism companies will be expanding to all parts of the world Along with their excellent services, they also charge less prices, which happens to be an excellent thing to bear in mind if a person needs to have a health procedure done Of all the companies out there, its difficult to select one of them Here I will discuss five things you must check before you choose a company: 1. Certification or Recognition by a Serious Medical Tourism Organization Based on the the webpage, the Medical Tourism Association is the first and only international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism and international healthcare industry. Their goal is to ensure that ill individuals get the top most quality of healthcare when they require it. Getting certified by MTA can very well be considered as an indicator of above average to simply fantastic level of service delivery by the company. 2. Strong Relationships With JCI accredited Hospitals Abroad JCI is the Joint Commission International Accreditation. It was launched in 1999 to award standards to hospitals for correct expectation setting with the patients. These standards or measures have been built to help international patients to decide if the hospital can meet international standards of healthcare. You need to consider only JCI recognized hospitals internationally. Other than that, the patient risks good quality of healthcare service 3. Pre and Post Procedure Care using Telehealth and Telemedicine. Telehealth and telemedicine is a way for nurses of internationally accredited hospitals to check a patient's vital status, pain, ease of recovery, etc. Care should include pre-operative videoconferencing together with the healthcare team and the required specialist from the respective foreign country. Post-operative videoconferencing with the healthcare team and respective specialist out of the country is also imperative for correct treatment and hence this service should also be available 4. Travel & Vacation Assistance Medical Tourism, aside from cheaper prices with high quality services, has also grown in popularity due to the opportunity to travel. Accordingly, it may be really advisable to look for a medical tourism company that provides journey and holiday assistance. This includes, but is not limited to, assistance with visa and travel documents, complete travel information package, airport support arrival/departure, local and international airline bookings, and mobile phone or telephone card. 5. Management Team with Medical Background It is an obvious fact that since medical tourism companies are in line with the medical industry, the people who are handling it should have a medical background. Actually, they need to have excellent educational background

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