Written by Stan Wiest  |  09. February 2008

BRIDE AND GROOM WEDDING PLANNING WHOSE WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY? BAND DJ WEDDING CEREMONY COCKTAIL HOUR WEDDING RECEPTION By STAN WIEST Member Association Bridal Consultants Longisland.com Wedding Band Expert That wonderful, exciting flush of being engaged - every time you use your left hand you can1/2t help but watch how the light sparkles off your ring. People you hardly know are always congratulating you. What a state of euphoria. But ---Oops! Reality starts to set in. There1/2s so much to do 1/2 so many appointments to make 1/2 so many choices to choose from. So many people telling you what to do. Everyone you1/2re known has advice to give usually in the form of 1/2You ARE going to__________, really it1/2s a must!1/2 Or 1/2Oh, don1/2t do that - my cousin did that and she said it was the worst mistake she ever made.1/2 Then there are the well meaning strangers who would never tell you the soup you should try but they know the BEST FLORIST or the GREATEST CATERER etc. etc. etc. Reality becomes a mounting migraine at night when you are trying to relax or sleep 1/2 Forget it! These are the most important steps You should take to regain your equilibrium and save your sanity. Talk to your fianc1/2, at length!!! 1) Who does he or she want at your wedding? a. Close family and a few friends (50-75 people) b. A large gathering (150-200 people) c. The Royal Wedding (300-500 and up) 2) Where would you like your ceremony to be? a. Religious Location (church, synagogue, temple etc.) b. Outdoor Location (remember the vagaries of weather) c. Reception Location 3) Where would you like your reception to take place? a. Country Club b. Restaurant c. Catering Establishment d. Public Hall for hire (Elks, K of C) e. Tent in backyard (remember weather) STOP Take a deep, deep breath 1/2 slowly inhale and smile. You just established the major playing field and established the rules of the game. You and your fianc1/2 own the team 1/2 what you want, what you say 1/2what you work out is 1/2The Wedding1/2 Ask each other - what do you see when you close your eyes (at my reception I see_______________________) Many brides and grooms fall into the trap of creating too narrow a margin of musical types because this is their personal preference. You may hate big band but there are at least 50 of your 150 guests that love it, or rock isn1/2t your thing but there are one hundred guests between the ages of 75 and 18 who want to rock the night away. What is the answer 1/2 work out with your entertainment 1) A good mix so everyone will dance 2) On your reception card let your guests know you are featuring a jazz wedding 1/2 or a night of nostalgia with big band sounds or any specialty of your liking. If you inform your guests of the music program for the night you will save yourself explaining all the reception why the Band or DJ hasn1/2t played salsa or polka or waltz. AFTER ALL YOU WANT YOUR GUESTS TO TELL YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WHAT A GREAT TIME THEY HAD AND WHAT A GREAT, GEORGEOUS WEDDING THEY ATTENDED. YOU REALLY DO WANT EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU TO HAVE A SPECTACULAR TIME. Choosing the right music also includes the ambience you want to establish at your ceremony and cocktail hour. A harp or string duo, trio, quartet is most fitting for any ceremony at any location. You can add an opera singer to the ceremony for that extra zing. Next on to your cocktail hour 1/2 this may be the perfect time to indulge yourself 1/2The Jazz Aficionado1/2 rather than at the reception. You can add jazz while the main course is served and enjoyed. Then after the main course 1/2Let The Dancing Begin.1/2 Also during cocktails you may be thinking of an Island Theme with a Steel Drum Band and during dinner have the Caribbean Island Sounds played to carry on the theme of tropical paradise. Your wedding is a team effort, you and your fianc1/2 are owner and manager 1/2 Speak to each other 1/2 first establish What You Both Want! Then incorporate all the team players. Let them know the rules of the game and when there are those little glitches that life throws our way and they will be thrown let the right man or woman for the job take care of them for you. 1) Employ the Experts 1/2 they do know what they are doing. 2) Don1/2t exhaust yourself with seeing 1/2everything: out there. 3) Ask for recommendations from your caterer, music company etc. 4) Don1/2t listen to all the helpful strangers (that1/2s why we call them strangers) For additional ideas and helpful suggestions please visit www.stanwiest.com www.stanwiest.com/blog See THE STAN WIEST ORCHESTRA on YOUTUBE www.youtube.com/StanWiestMusic www.stanwiest.com/perfect-altar-ring.htm www.stanwiest.com/wedding_music_budgeting2.htm www.stanwiest.com/long_island_bride_and_groom_wedding_planning.htm www.stanwiest.com/new_york_wedidng_orchestra_dj_band_trends.htm www.stanwiest.com/wedding_cocktail_hour.htm www.stanwiest.com/li_wedding_ceremony2.htm www.stanwiest.com/band_dj_orchestra_combination.htm www.stanwiest.com/li_wedding_dj2.htm www.stanwiest.com/li_party_entertainment2.htm www.stanwiest.com/li_ballroom_dance_music2.htm www.stanwiest.com/sinatra_singer.htm www.stanwiest.com/dj_plus.htm www.stanwiest.com/arabic_persian_israeli_middle_eastern_music_band.htm www.stanwiest.com/belly_dancer.htm www.stanwiest.com/return_to_traditional_weddings.htm www.stanwiest.com/stan_wiest_orchestra3.htm www.stanwiest.com/new_york_wedding_orchestra_dj_band_trends.htm

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