Quepos Costa Rica - Exotic city for Vacation.

Written by Deepak  |  08. February 2011

Corcovado National Park is the most popular park which is located in the Osa Peninsula at the south west of the Costa Rica. This was been established in the year 1975 on 24th October. The national park is been jeweled with various sites and spots which are been the attraction to the tourist from many years. Corcovado National Park is a biological reserves park spread in this country. If you visit this place you can find many beautiful and stunning places where you can explore and have fun. The name given to this park by the national geographic is "the most biological intense place on Earth". The most famous spot to experience in this park is in the rainforest for wildlife. While exploring in this park you can see many species of various flora and fauna. Tourists come here to have a closure look of the wild animals and observe them. The wild animals in Corcovado National Park are Tapir, jaguar, bull sharks, puma, squirrel monkey, American crocodile, howler monkey and lot more. Even there are various species of trees and plantation which are either used as herbal medicine and some are dangerous.
Quepos Costa Rica is the most exotic place and also the most popular among the tourist who travel down here to have a great vacation. There are number of places where you can fun with your families and friends. One can go on the beaches or can have a visit to the national park present here. the activities in which you can participate is hiking on the rugged mountain, swimming in the blue ocean, rafting,snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and lot more. The best thing to do in Quepos Costa Rica is fishing. Because this city has preserved various varieties of fishes and the most special and popular one is the bill fish. The nightlife here to experience is the best due to many bars and clubs located here for the tourist. While strolling on the beach the spectacular site to be seen is the sunset of Quepos Costa Rica. The attraction of this city has been many which are preserved from many years.
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