Terror level high - what about your pet?

Written by dogs  |  07. February 2003

This afternoon, President Bush is raising the terror level for the second time in two years. The experts seem to think there is a good chance something is going to happen. The public can only sit and wait and wonder, will my city be next. In the event of an emergency, whether it be an attack, or a natural disaster, you must be ready to evacuate you pet along with your family. If you leave your pet behind, it may be days before you can return home to him, and he may starve, dehydrate, or injure himself trying to escape. There are a number of things you can do for your pet to be prepared. 1. Have up to date identification tags, and records of vaccinations. 2. Keep an extra prescription of your pets medication handy, if your pet is taking daily meds. 3. Buy a crate, and crate train your pet so in the event you need to spend several days in a shelter, your pet may be welcomed in a crate, not roaming around free. 4. If you know your dog gets nervous around people or other animals, or you know your dog will bite over food, toys, or just being disturbed, buy a muzzle and be prepared to put it on him for the high stress situation. 5. Make arrangements with friends out of town to take your pets should you need to evacuate and the shelters will not allow you to take your pet. 6. Have a 6 foot leash and sturdy collar handy, even if you do not use these tools on a regular basis. 7. If you have more than one pet, it is essential you do this for ever pet in the house. 8. Delegate responsibility for the pet to a trusted family member or friend if you have elderly or young people to care for as well. 9. Bring along several days of food, and plastic bags to pick up waste. 10. Remain calm so your pets know you are still in control, and don't feel the need to take charge in ways that are not appropriate. 11. If you have a dog, obedience train him. A trained dog is much easier to handle than a non-trained dog. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

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