Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Weekend

Written by karate  |  06. February 2005

Just a few weeks ago it was my honor to be inducted into The Martial Arts Hall of Fame. It was in the catagory of Lifetime Achievement and Dedication to The Martial Arts.Each year this mega-event grows in size as well as stature.If your a martial arts enthusiast or practicioner I urge you to set aside next Januray and attend. Seminars and Workshops were conducted by the finest martial artists in the world. You could learn from Frank Shamrock submission fighting or swordsmanship from Japanese legend Tanaka Sensei.Moviestars Cynthia Rothrock and Bob Wall were in attendance .Team and Individual Demonstarions were the off the chart in flare and theatrical presentation. A local school Shaolin Self Defense Centers in W.Babylon was named National Hall of fame School of The Year. Congratulations to Thomas Ingargiola . The weekend concluded with a mega karate tournament. Great job and well done to Alan Goldberg and team for giving the Martial Arts Community a great Event.Please contact me at AAofSD@aol with any self defense /martial arts questions.

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