Creating a Valentine's Day Engagement Party!

Written by Brooke Hein  |  05. February 2020

Valentine’s Day is near and love is in the air. The perfect time for a romantic engagement party! Everyone wants to celebrate love on this holiday so why not celebrate the ultimate show of love by celebrating your upcoming wedding? This gives any bride to be complete license to go nuts with pink, hearts, and any girly valentine dreams she has always had. So head out to your nearest party or craft store to create a beautiful Valentine’s Day themed engagement party!

The great thing about a Valentine’s Day party is that you do not have to worry about wedding colors just yet, nor do your colors have to be red, pink, or white because of the holiday. Obviously just because the party is Valentine’s Day themed, it does not mean the wedding has to be. For those who might have a fiancé who is not so keen on all the pink and red, you can eliminate some of the girly sweetness by adding black to the mix. Black, reds, whites, and pinks make for a lovely combination, and the darker hues will give it a more formal feel if that is what you are going for, especially if you are holding it at a fancy venue.

Decorations and invitations will be the most fun part of planning this party. Especially since there is a lot of creative license that you can take when planning it. Hearts and flowers are very easy to come by this time of year; there may still even be some tinsel and garland on sale from the holiday season! You can take red or pink roses and combine them with any kind of white flower to make centerpieces or floral decorations. Paper hearts combined with the flowers are adorable and appropriate. Where you can get nice and formal is the invitations. A metallic black card with red or pink accents will give the invitation and party the sophistication you might be looking for. For a well wishes board you can set up a piece of black canvas or foam board and have your guests write down their wishes on different colored hearts that they can pin to the board.

As for food and drink, go crazy creative! You can make a variety of cocktails using your favorite clear liquors and combining it with a splash of cranberry juice or any other red hued mixer. Cosmos are a classic as is pink champagne or a punch bowl, which is usually red anyway. Another cool cocktail is the strawberry mimosa, created by just combining pureed strawberries and champagne instead of orange juice! Add in floating raspberries to any drink for a formal look! Stick to sweet things in both your drinks and food. For a Valentine’s Day party is completely acceptable to have a party where desserts are the main focus. Baking pink candy corn into a sugar cookie is a favorite at Valentine’s Day parties. As for more dinner type foods, you can make heart shaped quiches, potpies, and even raviolis! There are endless when it comes to food and drink. Just have fun with the planning and decorating and you will be sure to have an amazing Valentine’s Day Engagement Party!

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